Best Fox Tail Anal Butt Plug

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Best Fox Tail Anal Butt Plug  is the Anal sex toy for women that you cannot afford to miss out on this season!


Best Fox Tail Anal Butt Plug

  • Easy to use and store anywhere you want.
  • Helps to expand rectum lining for Anal sex and provides stimulation inside the butts (and near the prostate gland in men)
  • One of the best sex toys for unmarried/married Couples who are looking for something to spice up their intimate life
  • Apply some lubrication over the Butt plug and asshole before inserting it.
  • Insert it slowly at first, there is no need to perform stroking or sliding action.
  • Perform mild insertions with the speed you like and enjoy!
  • Waterproof-  Yes It is Waterproof
  • Material- Medical grade silicone and aluminum outer shell
  • We are also sell –