Big Size Half Body Sex Doll For Men

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👉 Big Size Half Body Sex Doll For Men

👉 Doll size: 15.5×8.0×5.5 inches.

👉 Weight: 3 KG.

👉 Light and easy to grab.

👉 For self sexual pleasure
👉 For Sex Training
👉Help yourself when wife is pregnant or girlfriend is on her period
👉 Novelty gift for others


Big Size Half Body Sex Doll For Men

✅ Her round breast and round ass cheeks holds perfectly in your hands.

✅ Her skin is super soft, very elastic, and made of non-toxic medical grade silicone materials.

✅ Unlike some dolls, Half Body doll won’t easily get torn. You can keep her for a long time and enjoy her perfect cast and intensely textured vagina and anus!

✅ Her soft, slim and beautifully curved figure will keep you satisfied and excited to play with her whenever you are in need of incredible sensation.

✅ To achieve a better visual effect, we are coloring some part of the product.

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