Male Masturbator Sex Toys for Men, Lifelike Adult Male Sex Toys 10 Vibrations

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Male Masturbator Sex Toys for Men-This male masturbator features a dual vaginal and anal 3D texture design. One end features a super elastic opening design that perfectly covers sensitive areas, while the opposite end has a multi-layered spiral pleats design that can enhance friction. The sex toys for men are designed to provide double pleasure – Anal & Vaginal Stimulation.


Male Masturbator Sex Toys for Men

  • Male Masturbator Sex Toys for Men- The adult toys with 2 silent bullet vibrators, offer 10 powerful modes that can be easily switched with just one button. While using this penis pump, the massage points and stripes are constantly rubbing and stroking sensitive areas for stimulation, and the massage range of this male vibrator can reach 4.4 inches. Additionally, the men sex toys can also serve as a penis trainer or training sex toy.
  • [Skin-friendly Material, 360°Wrapped Channel] The adult toys for men are made from soft and safe TPE material, ensuring a comfortable use experience. The inner wall is adorned with grains and 3D textures for prostate massage. The elastic material accommodates various sizes. Its 0.6lb ultra-thick fleshy design addresses the problem of easy tearing of the light and small male masturbator. The sex toys men come with lubricant for a smoother experience.
  • [Just 4 Easy Steps to Clean] The penis pumps come with a removable sleeve for easy cleaning. 1. Open the outer cover. 2. Simply detach the inner sleeve. 3. Take out the 2 motors. 4. Rinse the sleeve under running water, or wash it in warm water with mild soap. Please note that while the inner sleeve is washable, the entire mens vibrator is not waterproof. Always clean the inner sleeve before and after use.
  • [Portable Size, Ideal Travel Buddy] This men sex toy weighs 0.9 lbs and measures 4.4 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches, offering a convenient size for comfortable handling. The non-slip texture on the cup shell ensures a secure grip during use. The compact size of this sex machine makes it an ideal travel companion. Additionally, its easy recharging feature ensures uninterrupted pleasure without the need for batteries.
  • [Privacy Packaging and After-sales Service] Rest assured, the adult sex toys & games will be discreetly packaged with no sensitive information visible. If you have any questions about this penis vibrator or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer service team is ready to assist you.

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