Silicone Boobs Prosthesis Breast Forms

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Silicone Boobs Prosthesis Breast Forms -Tear drop shaped, this pair of silicone breasts are super soft – exactly like natural breasts.


Silicone Boobs Prosthesis Breast Forms

he silicone breasts are self-adhesive so they can stick directly to the chest without straps or tape, and they are reusable for multiple uses. This system allows you to go bra-less with confidence.
Function: Lifelike, Durable, Washable and Waterproof, Ideal for people who suffer from breast cancer,For women who want a fabulous shape, also Great For cross dresser, transgender, cosplay, transvestites etc
Our silicone breasts ideal for post op mastectomy,and anyone who wants an invisible support for a fabulous shape,transgender,cross dresser,cosplay,transgender,etc. All sizes available confirm it while confirmation of order.

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