Love Sex Doll For Men

Original price was: ₹38,000.00.Current price is: ₹24,500.00.

✔ Material: Silicone
✔ Product Dimensions: 16.14×7.48×5.31inch(L×W×H)
✔ Waterproof and easy to clean Approx
✔ Approx Weight: 5 Kg



Love Sex Doll For Men

✅ This sex doll is different from other is bigger than some toys.

✅ There are 3 Ways to Play!! Vaginal, Anal, and Breast sex.

✅ Product 100% guaranteed that product is defect free and as described.

✅ We are Indian sellers and Fast 100% Discreet Shipping Package.

✅ Does not include clothing and accessories.

✅ With torso inside.The spine support is added inside,the doll can sit upright,the waist will not collapse

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